How does  the Tarot work?

In my experience of working with clients and the tarot, my understanding is that the cards act as a mirror, which reflects the  inner dynamics of a situation, in the same way as our dreams. Through the random choosing of cards, the unconscious, the spirit and present reality are united at the moment of a reading. We can therefore gain insight into the consequences of past actions; explore current life options and choices; to create a picture of future possibilities. Through this process our past, present and therefore future can be revealed.

During the consultation, the client is entrusting the tarot professional with the interpretation of the meaning of the cards.  Each tarot professional will do this in their own unique way. 

Personal beliefs in the role of "fate and destiny" also influence the interpretation of the cards. My belief is that "fate" brings us to crossroads throughout our life. Most often, we have "free will" to choose our life direction. Even when " fate" brings situations into our life not of our choosing, we have a choice as to how we deal with them. The consequences of these choices create our future destiny. Each of us is the hero in our own life story.

The tarot can help guide us along our path.

Anne Shotter  

Tarot Consultant and Master Teacher