Anne Shotter  

Tarot Consultant and Master Teacher

  A Tarot Consultation

    A Tarot Consultation is an opportunity to:- 

               Focus on your life journey and reassess where you are headed.

              Involve your conscious, unconconscious, spirit, emotions and mind in the process                  of understanding and examining your life choices.

              Discover opportunities that await you in the future as well as challenges that may                   lie ahead.

    ​In person readings are carried out in Melbourne at:-

            The Abbotsford Convent

            1 St. Helliers Street, Abbotsford, Victoria

   ZOOM and telephone:-

            I also provide readings by Zoom or by telephone which can be arranged to                                accommodate your time zone from anywhere in the world. 

  Making an appointment

          An appointment can be arranged by text or telephone :-

          Within Australia      0419 305 904

          International           +61 0419 305 904

  The Cost

         One hour                  A$150

         Half hour                  A$75

         ( You are most welcome to record the Consultation)